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Coastal Innovations is a Leading Software Solution Development and Information Technology Consulting Company which provides Services to many Businesses around the United States led by certified professionals with expertise in Research, Design, Development and Delivery of high-end Technology Solutions.

Our core competency, developed through extensive worldwide exposure to a variety of business processes, industries, and technologies, lies in providing client focused Business Consulting and Re-Engineering of IT Services. We are pioneered in Providing Business Solutions in wide range of Technologies Like Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Data WareHousing and Cloud Computing.We offer a comprehensive range of value added services to serve a diverse client base and Expanded our services to all major industries.

At Coastal Innovations, we believe in Innovation. Innovation, along with highly focus client relationships and strong Tecchnical expertise, drives every facet of our day-to-day operation.

Our IT Consulting Services helps organizations to articulate business objectives, drivers and benefits they are seeking by leveraging best of breed technologies for competitive advantage. It also helps them to evolve their overall strategy, roadmap and intermediate milestones in deploying IT Solutions. We offer wide range of solutions for each individual industry with roboust and innovative technology which not only gains the business for our customers also amaze their end users.

We promise to deliver value through the combination of Smart people, processes, technologies and program management solutions. Our methods include- applying domain expertise in specific industry segments, utilizing a highly-skilled technological workforce, leveraging a proven global delivery model that offers onsite, offsite and offshore development options, implementing quality processes and methodologies and yet, staying cost-effective. All in all, our expertise lies in providing trained and committed minds , multi-industry presence, proprietary solutions, latest technologies improve your operational efficiency, quick responsiveness, and total business growth.